Prodisee Pantry fills 1,500 food boxes for Christmas FOX 10 News (12/04/21)

SPANISH FORT, Ala. (WALA) -- Just like they did for Thanksgiving -- Prodisee Pantry is gearing up to feed more than 1,500 families this Christmas. We were back this morning as hundreds came out to help others.

For the second time in a month -- volunteers are helping Prodisee Pantry fill 1,500 food boxes for Baldwin County families who need it most this Christmas.

"We don't really sign up volunteers -- they know when we are doing our special boxes. What a blessing -- that the community wants to lend their hands and wants to be their for their neighbors in need," said Deann Servos, Prodisee Pantry Executive Director.

Bob Foth is just one of more than 300 volunteers who showed up early Saturday to help. He's a regular at Prodisee Pantry.

"It's the people out here and that's why I come on Tuesday and Thursday also. And they are all helpful. They are all working good -- even she's working really good (laughs)," said Foth.

Michelle Geans brought her 6 year old twins Avery and Mia to give back.

"It's really easy for them to get caught up in what they can get and making their list and talking to Santa and all of the commercials... So we wanted to switch gears a little bit and help them focus on what they can give. And help them think about some families that might be less fortunate than us and hwo we can be a blessing to them," said Geans.

In less than two hours, the last box -- number 1,500 -- rolled on the line. And just like all the others -- it too was filled to make Christmas merry for a family in need.

"It's kind of crazy how we did it in that much time. I hope the people who receive these boxes are happy," said Hayla Broadwater, volunteer.

In the weeks ahead Prodisee Pantry will have six distrubution days to hand out the food. They're always in need of volunteers -- if you'd like to help -- give them a call at 251-626-1720 or visit their facebook page.

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